InClinition has network of sites for students and professionals. These sites help us in engagement of professional activities of InClinition.

Sci Journo – InClinition’s Science Journal

Sci Journo is industry focused journal in that bridges the gap between industry and academia and aims to cover industrial and commercial topics. Our aim is to help readers for acquiring more knowledge, we have decided to focus also on research and updates in different areas of science. It works on peer reviewed model of editing and reviewing manuscripts. Sci Journo – InClinition’s Science Journal welcomes contributions in all fields of sciences which includes basic sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and applied sciences such as Engineering and Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Biophysics, and many other allied sciences of basic sciences.

InClinition Conferences

InClinition had organized 2nd International Scientific e-Conference on 21-23 December 2017 for scientific researchers across the globe. This was the 2nd edition of the conference wherein researchers from more than 45 countries will participate and present their work.

InClinition’s e-learning Portal

InClinition’s e-learning Portal This website is exclusively for students of InClinition wherein they will get access to our course materials. Course contents are in the form of video lectures, powerpoints, and pdfs. Access to this website is restricted for students only.

InClinition Alma Connect (Alumni Portal of InClinition)

InClinition Almaconnect Alumni Portal of InClinition Institute This is alumni portal of students of InClinition institute wherein they can connect their seniors, juniors and faculty members at InClinition. This is good platform to engage our network.

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