A Belly fat affects Brain

Author by Panali Tambe

“Carrying too much fat around our waistline doesn’t just put additional strain on our body. It also affects our brain.”

Fats are beneficial for our body as well as diet also. It helps human body to keep healthy. But there is a limitations on Fat. If you eat in large amount then it can contribute to gain weight. Eating less fats may help lower risk of heart disease. We cannot live without fats.

Belly fats are dangerous than other fats. These problem mostly occurs when we are middle aged, after pregnancy and eating or drinking too much. Belly fat problem mostly seen in women than men. Because of energy imbalance, slow down metabolism gradually increases the weight.

If you carry too much fat around your belly or waist or mainly in hips and thighs, you are inviting health problems in your body. It increases chances of serious health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, breast cancer, heart disease, dementia and Gallbladder problem. The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center previously told “Belly fat is more active than any other kind of body fat and can circulate into the bloodstream, causing fat in your blood to rise”.

Now a January 2019 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Neurology suggests that overconsumption belly fat can also impact your brain. In this study was calculated by measuring BMI(Body Mass Index) and ratio of waist-to-hip.The people who has higher ratio they had lowest brain volume.

Women must maintain ratio of waist-to-hip below 32 inches (80cm) and below 37 inches (94cm) for men.

If your ratio of waist-to-hip is above the recommended measurement, then it’s worth combining a sensible Weight Loss plan with increased activity to burn excess fat.

It’s impossible to lose fat specifically from one part of our body, but generally, most people move to lose fat from those parts of the body where they store it.

If you want to reduce your risk of a range of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and dementia and other disease in future life, you have to lose pounds and shift fat around your ratio of waist-to-hip. Losing belly fat takes long time to work. It requires you to consistently follow a healthy diet and exercise routine and a plan to reduce stress and get sufficient quality sleep each night.


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