Colours psychology in pharma


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The chief function of colour should be to serve expression”

-Henri Matisse

Spectrum of Colours in Pharmaceuticals

Colours as we know are an important factor of our life. They are the reason why we see the world the way it is. The way we look at the things around us, the way we view things. Colour psychology is a vast branch in the medical science. It is used to evaluate ones view point, it is used to evaluate ones psychology i.e. Their personality, attitude, way of life etc. They not only matter in the medical and psychological fields but also in the pharmaceutical work of area. There are a few major colours and their combinations that are used in the field i.e. white, pink, red, yellow, orange and black. The combination of these colours dominate the products in this industry.

The majority products that dominate this field are the consumable dosage forms like tablets, powders, syrups and fluids. These products are usually consumable that get ingested by one method or the other. We humans are a species that has evolved from the apes and have made various advancements over the time, yet our basic instincts remain the same. We react to certain things the similar way the way we used to react in those times.


One of the most basic colours that is present in our colour spectrum. Psychologically it is the most soothing colour as it is one of the most peaceful colours in the spectrum. It is one of the most trustworthy colour as majority of the dairy products that is found is white in colour. In order to show purity this colour is used in various materials.


This colour is one of the most used colour in this industry. This is made by combining red and white. This is one of the lightest shades in the colour spectrum that is used on a wide range. As we know this shade is light people find it quite friendly it is not only used in the logos of various brands but also used in colouring the medications related to digestive tract disorders, the most common example of such medications are antacids.


This is also one of the most used colour as it is associated with citrus foods and products with vitamin C and vitamin D. Apart from that yellow is also considered as a trustworthy shade of colour and is used in the logos of the companies, it is also found on materials of consumption as it associates trust. The enzyme curcumin that is found in turmeric is also yellow in colour and turmeric as we know is a useful treatment product. It is also a widely used shade in the cosmetic industry related to the skin as it is also one of the bodily colours. Also honey is a shade of yellow that is a source of glucose and at times vitamin c depending from where it is extracted.


This is also one of a major colours to be used in the logos and packing materials in the pharma industry it is a bright colour and attracts attention. As it is one of the colours that is also associated with citric foods and vitamins C & D it is a widely used colouring material for food products that have a sour flavour. Various cough syrups have shades of orange. Orange is also one of the most popular colour in tonics or syrups for children. As it appeals to the general population.


This shade is one of the most used shade that is used in order to mix in shades to make them darker. In order to make them more appealing. Products like activated charcoal and other charcoal products are used in order to produce absorbing material. It is also warning shade in order to show toxicity.

In conclusion there are still many shades that used and this article would be very short to define it yet there are such shades that are a standard when we see them they mean a certain things i.e. yellow and orange not only mean vitamins but also hazardous, red is also a shade that means to stop etc.


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