Depression : The Silent Killer of Health

Author by Panali Tambe

Depression is serious illness or mental health condition that impacts on your body negatively all over world.The bad impact on your work as well as your social life.These is hidden mental condition. In the United States,1 out of 10 reports are depression.Depression mostly found in women than men.The statistics of depression rise in several years.

Depression comes in many different ways.The most important aspect of dealing with depression is to identify it and accordingly help the person overcome it.

To identify we must know the the signs of Depression.

How do I know if I have a Depression?

  • Weight:Suddenly weight gain or weight loss.

  • Increased Sleep problem:Staying awake at night and sleeping through the day

  • Lack of self-care:The depressed person may not take care of themselves.

  • Feeling hopeless and helpless:The depressed person feel life is not worth living, there is no hope for the future.They loss their hopes from life.

  • Hunger:They may eat more or eat little or eat less.

  • Sad Mood:They feel empty and hollow and there seems to be nothing that makes you happy and they don’t have reason of their sadness.

  • Decreases your energy mentally as well as physically.

  • Start ignoring himself from family and friends.

  • Feeling worried and irritable .

  • Having suicidal thoughts or harming yourself.

  • Uncontrollable emotion:A person may be unable to hold tears most of the times.

Causes of Depression:

Deficiency: Deficiencies of transport chemicals in brain, serotonin and nor epinephrine are responsible for depression symptoms like irritability, anxiety and fatigue.

Genetics:It depends upon families also.For example, if mother has depression problem, then there may be 70% chance of having same problem baby also.

Nature:Sometimes, people have low self-esteem nature which is easily effects to stress or generally some people are negative thoughts comes to be unsafe to depression.

Environmental or Social factors: Continuous exposure to violence, neglect, abuse, examination stress or poverty may make people who are already defenseless against depression all the more unsafe to the illness.

Certain medical conditions: The thyroid disorders, diabetes, ischemic heart disease, pregnancy & cancer are also associated with depression. At times loss of someone beloved can become a severe depression.

Physical Examination: Most of the visits, Doctor taking physical examination to check physical causes or taking history to find out reason of depression.

How to avoid Depression ?

Eat nutrition food moderately: Eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates. Meet with a nutritionist or dietitian to review your unique dietary needs. Find someone to share meals with regularly.'

Exercise daily: Daily exercise can boost your mood if you have depression .It improves fitness sleeping, increase energy level,helps to reduce negative thoughts and feel less alone.

Avoid stress: Try to manage stress of work, education, family life or relationship when it arise.

Sleep: Create bedtime routine and Take 7-8 hours sleep daily. Not enough sleep makes bad impact on psychologically and physically on human body.

Watch only funny Videos: Omit the news entirely from your life until you are not having disable depression (even though you may be desired).

Dive into the arts: Play music, listen to music. Attend poetry readings. Listen to videos, podcasts and other recordings of your favourite artists. View art in person, in books, online.


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