How to prepare for aptitude tests and interviews in the Pharma sector?

Author: Prashant Bhatt, Blogger @ InClinition

“Your friends will believe in your potential, your enemies will make you live up to it.”

Aptitude as we know is a word that is used to define ones professional capabilities. It is used in order to judge your threshold to handle stress and your capability to handle stress in the current era of professionalism. There are various avenues for work and function in the pharmaceutical industries. These avenues require various areas of expertise and different amounts of experience levels. Yet if you are a student who aspires to climb the corporate ladder you must make yourself unique. As there are various fields and a way lot of competition in the field. If we take a quick statistic, there are approximately twenty two colleges in Mumbai city alone with approximately two to three thousand students passing out every year, with that number every year approximately half of them opt for masters and other post graduate degrees and the latter remains to go into the profession, even if we assume that half of this number goes into the business the competition is still quite big. And in the corporate jungle only the fittest survive.

Informative Interview Session

So how do we prepare ourselves to at least get into this sector?

We equip ourselves with a resume that will impress, and an attitude that will approve of our capabilities. In today’s time the companies that approach our campus have a screening procedure that is called as an Aptitude Test. This test is usually a combination of current affairs mathematical problems problem solving skills sometimes oriented to the respective field or in general. These tests can be a medium that help in finding out ones capacities and capabilities and they matter a lot professionally yet we don’t realize its importance and it is highly observed that we do not take measures for these tests since the start but we prepare for it our final year but it is a subject that that should be prepared for since the first year itself, not only by practicing it over mock tests but also preparing by real life problems also sometimes not only career oriented but also on a social level, like the theory subjects that are taught with their respective practical even this should be taught, if not stimulate yourself with permutations and combinations of situations that are difficult to come out of also to stimulate with a no win situation these situations help us get creative with work. Also work up upon your mathematical skills that you have a fear about.

The interviews are another phase of getting that dream job so take it a bit seriously yet not stress about it because the higher the stress levels have the higher chance of creating silly mistakes and goof-ups. In the interview phase there are three stages i.e. the group discussion, technical round and the hr interview.

The group discussion (GD) is a phase where a minimum of ten students are seated in front of a jury, they are given a topic and a time limit of twenty to thirty minutes to discuss the topic and are marked upon the responsive amount of participation. Yet in order to score good points try speaking up first, address the jury and maintain etiquette yet make your point to the jury.

Technical round is a stage that is where you’re tested on your technical skills i.e. whatever you have learnt throughout all those years be sure to revise the extremely easy topics and the basic concepts because you may excel at the difficult topics but due to silly mistakes you might lose an opportunity. Do not exaggerate upon your knowledge and do not boast of your achievements let your resume speak for itself and in the end if asked then only speak about your skills that you might possess and did not mention on the resume. Answer the questions confidently and make the answers extremely precise and to the point, if you do not know the answer to the question simply say I do not know.

HR round is where you have a greater chance to get rejected yet the easiest chance to get selected for the job. The most basic question that is asked in an hr interview is “ Tell me some thing about your self” . to which you reply by telling them about the things in your things in your resume, the experiences. Yet the conversation about things in your resume should be brief because they have already gone through it. Create a formal and a friendly environment and always maintain eye contact.

Finally coming to the CV. Do not make it very fancy, contain all the essential information create and always use a standard font it should be either times new roman or arial and keep the size at eleven.

In conclusion be yourself, do not exaggerate be honest and do not be boastful.


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