Sufficient daily nutrition

Author by Prashant Bhatt

In today’s world we as a person think that a fir body is made in the gym and we can eat what ever we want to and then just workout to shed those extra calories. Well it is simply not like that. There is a quote in the fitness world that says a great body isn’t made in a gym but in the kitchen so it is obvious that when our elders say what you eat is what you become. Hence in order to have a fit and a healthy lifestyle one must not only work out but also eat healthy home cooked food.

In India the food that everyone eats in their respective household is a complete package of the majority nutrients required by an average human i.e. one single platter of a normal Indian meal consists of a type of bread, rice, vegetables cooked with spices that have lots of enzymes and lentils that are one of the major piece of protein intake and along with that there is chicken, mutton, pork, eggs, fish etc. one portion of food is usually sufficient to satisfy the calorie count.

Yet at times it is not possible for an individual to satisfy the caloric count and the nutrient value required to the day hence they turn out to be unfit or if the caloric value exceeds due to the junk food one turns out to be moving towards obesity. Hence it is essential for one to maintain a caloric count and the nutritive intake, it can be calculated with the help of one’s weight, height, and a rough idea of ones food intake throughout the day, also to reduce weight one must do a caloric deficit by consuming up-to 200-300 calories less than the calorie count for the individual.

Hence in order to satisfy the daily calorie count one can follow the following words.

Make protein bars at home itself. As normally one single protein bar can cost approximately fifty to hundred rupees you can make one at home by mixing honey, oats, almonds, walnuts,

peanuts and granola and baking them. This can be a source of protein almost instantaneously and also quite filling, so if you are in a tight schedule just munch through one or two of these and you are sorted for one to two hours.

One more source of protein is eggs. This is the most sorted food product, you can eat it the way you want as preparing an egg requires no specific culinary skill. Hence in order to get protein with the carbs consume the egg with yolk and if you’re looking out just for the protein eat only the white part. Also the dairy based product equivalent for egg’s protein value is cottage cheese.This can also be prepared by mixing milk with lemon/vinegar and salt.

For carbohydrates you can eat breads, rice, fruits and veggies as these are majorly made up of them itself. One also requires a certain amount of lipids and cholesterol hence it is necessary for one to consume butter and oil as it not only stores the necessary fats but also helps in lubricating the joints and helping the transportation of the fluids throughout the body.

In conclusion one must consume a proper diet that helps in maintaining a proper body as a

healthy body leads to a healthy lifestyle.


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