The Army routine for a better lifestyle

Author by Prashant Bhatt

The army as we know is an organization that is formed by the government in order to protect the government. It has a very old point of origin in the historical books. It has been protecting the money, the kingdoms, the country and the people. The army has been a beacon of discipline and unity that binds the people around them too.

They have a rigorous training procedure a tight schedule and lots of motivation of the spirit to protect their motherland from the enemies. It is their will and high spirits that make the youth of the country to join the armed forces. The candidates who get selected into the training institutes are called cadets and they are groomed into the officers of the army. Yet in this current scenario it’s not the end point but the journey that matters. In the training period the cadets follow a tight routine that although is exhausting but at the end it keeps them highly active.

The cadets wake up by four thirty in the morning and finish their bathroom routines. After which they dress up and go for PT and parade training for two to three hours, following to the

marching the cadets then go for their breakfast where they consume about 250 calories worth of that include proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. After which they go for their daily

curricular routine. After which they go for lunch and consume about 500 calories worth of food.

After which they proceed to the technical training of their respective fields and then proceed to their respective games practice as it is important for every army cadet to learn atleast one sport and then go to dinner. By the evening they then proceed towards the library for study period after which they go to bed. And then the cycle continues, although during camps and hikes their schedule is much more rigorous and they get sleep less than four hours. The special forces have such sleep deprivation states for five to six days straight and that too just during the selection process that lasts for fifteen to twenty days.

Although it may be not possible to have such a rigorous schedule and such a high calorie diet or sleep deprivation but it is necessary for us civilians to apply a certain amount of their schedule to our lives like waking up early, and starting the day before sunrise. Eating nourishing food with high energy content and exercising daily would be extremely beneficial. Also having an active lifestyle would be beneficial as this not only helps us keep fit but also keep our metabolism running. Our metabolism is more like a steam engine that runs more when it has more heat and pressure. And this is possible when we move consistently.

Following this routine is so beneficial for an individual that one develops good amount of fitness, and a positive attitude and a positive attitude is a great part in a persons life. It creates a great stamina not only for the mind but for the body too. Also elongating ones life longevity.

Hence in conclusion I would like to pay my respects as an author to the armed forces and the men who have and still are laying their lives on the line for us. It is an extreme privilege for an individual to get into the army and put the hard work. It is not only a proud moment for the individual but a proud moment for the parents as well. Because the army routine is not a routine but a lifestyle



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