The pet therapy for depression

Author by Prashant Bhatt

Depression is one of the most progressive common found psychological disorder. Although like cancer there is no specific cause for depression but in anatomical terms depression is secretion of excessive dopamine in the body. It is more of a psychological disorder yet it also causes physical effects like weight fluctuation, issues with blood pressure and other mental disorders. It is found majorly in people who are working in extremely stressful conditions or may at point be genetic. But all in all this disorder may be progressive and extremely harmful. It creates a various amount of tendencies like self destructive tendency and suicidal disorders, eating disorders etc.

For treating this disorder it requires two types of treatment methods that is psychological and

medicinal. As we know many anti anxiety and antidepressants present in the market in an after effect causes high amount of drowsiness and sleepiness. Majority psychiatrists give such drugs rather than treating properly. Yet as we know every action causes equal and opposite reaction. Hence in order to treat depression one needs to have antidepressants but as we know they can cause adverse effects and at times can be addictive and costly. But there is a better treatment and at times a useful treatment method for this disorder, they are called pets.

A pet as we know is an animal that a human adopts to raise, it becomes a companion for one and a part of the family and becomes a part of one’s lifestyle. How a pet helps as an anti depressant? In order to care for it one has to pay attention to the routines and its health and other routines. The best types of that help in causing depression are dogs ,hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and parrots. As these animals induce the highest amount of interaction with humans, they sense sadness and depression and induce interactions. Hence interacting with them helps us. Dogs as we know are one of the most compatible animals with humans and have been in the pet category since quite a long time they are the most friendly animals and quite trainable as well. They are the most sensitive animals and sense and understand a high majority of situations. It creates a bond between the human and the dog and helps in release the stress relieving enzymes like endorphins.

In conclusion it is important to cure depression as it a harmful disorder not only on a personal level but moreover on a society level.


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