Treating cancer by nanodrill.

Author by Prashant Bhatt

Cancer as we know is an extremely common disease in the 21 century. It is one of the most progressive disease as it has created more deaths than the death count of world war 2 as there are approximately 496 deaths per 100,000 men and women. As this is one of the most unpredictable disease in the world because certain symptoms can seem like a normal body procedure and can be painless, or they can be clearly visible and excruciating to the person and moreover to the family of the person suffering the disease both emotionally and financially. Its study is called as oncology. Its pathophysiology may depend on the part of the body that it has formed but in layman terms it is the uncontrollable growth of a cell or a tissue than a certain limit hence causing obstruction in regular body functions.

The common term used for a cancer tissue clot is called a tumor and there are two types of tumors i.e. benign tumor and malignant tumor. A benign tumor is a tumor that is an encapsulated tissue that stops in growth after a certain point of time whereas a malignant tumor is a non encapsulated one and it can cause hindrances to the bodily functions and damage the surrounding tissues as well so in an oversimplified definition it is the bad fish in the pond. There are four stages of a cancer tumor growth i.e. Stage 1,Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4.

Stage I :

This stage is the initial most stage in this disease where the tumor has just started to form and the cells have been detected. It can be cured with chemotherapy and other treatment methods in major cases, only in a certain case one has to go on the operation table.

Stage II :

This stage of the size of cancer is comparatively bigger and the growth rate is slow and stable hence it needs to be treated with drugs as well as radiation therapy and surgery.

Stage III :

This stage is one of the most sensitive stage of cancer where even the slightest delay can be fatal. Although it is extremely difficult to completely eradicate it from the body but it is possible to regress it and it relapses after time to time.

Stage IV :

This stage is the final stage, in this stage the tumor gets quite big and the at a point breaks up and spreads in the body, hence there is a very small chance of survival from this stage.

The treatment for this disease is by two method i.e. chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is one of the widest used therapeutic methods for cancer. It is done by giving the patient a drug via the I.V. route, it is done in multiple sessions in order to maintain the concentration in the blood. The drug used majorly is called doxorubicin, it is combined with other molecules depending upon the type of tumor.

Yet as we know the doxorubicin molecule is quite big and at times it is difficult for it to penetrate into the tissue hence a new method of treatment has been developed. In this method a light sensitive spinning molecules are used. In order to eliminate the cancer tissue, it helps in killing the tissue. The process in this method of treatment is quite simple. The body is injected with these light sensitive molecular drills and localized to a certain area. And then a light source is used, the light is mainly U.V. light. This light then activates the molecular drill which goes through the tissue and kills it within a minute.

Although it has not been applicable onto all cancers but it has been able to treat breast tumors and skin melanomas, including those that are resistant to existing chemotherapy. As this method is still in research but just imagine the applications of such molecular motor i.e. it can not only kill the cancer cell but also help in absorbtion of drug more efficient.

Hence in conclusion although cancer is a difficult disease to treat and after stage four it is almot impossible yet humans have achieved the impossible so just hang in there.


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