Ultimate Tips for Interviews: Part 1

Author: Prashant Bhatt

“If you can’t relax during your interview then whatever you do to prepare would matter”.

The modern human civilization has developed itself from literal savage animals to the alpha species of the planet. In the current era we function in the matter of enterprises. Each and everyone of us has the capability to build empires, as we are the greatest species to live. The enterprise or a company as we know is an organization that has been created in order to create a function, a purpose and a way to shape our livelihood. In the current era of the corporate no matter what the field each student who studies in a university aspires to have a job in order to not only thrive in this time but also to make a status in the society, to make their parents proud and to prove themselves. In order to get a great job one must have a certain amount of skills, and a certain flair that helps you land a great job or at least clear the interview.

Ones interview doesn’t start in front of the interviewer but in the interviewee itself. There are few parts of the corporate world i.e. marketing, production, administration, management, human resources and accounting, all of these departments are completely different from each other yet important to each other in order for a company to function. Even though all these departments are completely different from each other yet all these department have one thing in common, that is requirement of honest, hardworking, and skilled employees. Yet in order to attain such a person for the job they go through people. They require a certain set of a skill that does the job done. Hence for a person to successfully clear all the rounds of the recruiting procedure should have the skills mentioned below.

In order to crack the interview one must follow a certain guidelines:

1. Resume : In order to create a good first impression one must have a good resume. And a good resume comprises of a good structure. It should not be longer than one and a half to two pages long, concise, and brief. Keep only the essential information. And mention the skill set that you possess and are required for the job.

2. Attitude : During the interview, your attitude is one of the most important part. Although you may be lacking somewhere in your skill set or might be stuck on a question of the interviewer do not give up be confidant even if you think you’re going to fail because it plays an important part for you.

3. Skill-set : The job you are applying for requires a certain amount of skill set. And in order to land the job make sure you have a good grasp over those required skills and requirement parameters set by the firm.

4. Etiquette : This is one of the most important factor that helps in building up your first impressions. Small things like even addressing the orderlies and the office helping staff is a good factor that should be in a person. Because you can get all the qualifications you want but working with the people paves the path of your success.

5. Discipline : One more factor that a person should have within them is discipline. Punctuality and professionalism is the most important aspect of the discipline that one should possess.

Apart from the basic five skills mentioned above, there are more area oriented skills that every aspiring individual must have. In order to even clear the interview one must show the required skill, not only by mentioning it but also by the CV..

Interview Tips for MARKETING & SALES Career

One of the most important aspect of a company is that a company that makes a product should be sold because if it doesn’t the company wouldn’t survive. So a person who wishes to make a career in sales and marketing should have these five skills :

1. Art of selling : Although sales and marketing are different modules yet they require a similar. The art of selling is a skill where you go to a concerned party and propose a product you want to sell, it is not the transaction but the proposition that is put in the selling procedure is the art of selling.

2. Bargaining/negotiating: This is a skill that not only a person who works for sales and marketing must acquire but people from other departments also must possess. Bargaining and negotiating skills are the most important aspect of sales because it is not necessary that one makes a deal in one go but in order to create an apt condition for a deal to function negotiation and bargaining is a must.

3. A trustworthy attitude: This is a major aspect of a person belonging in sales and marketing. Because in order to work passionately for the firm the trust on the product must be there. Secondly trust on the customer should also be there.

4. Basic soft skills: These skills consist of basic fundamentals of personality and manners.

One of the basic soft skill is teamwork that is required in this array of work. As although you may be working for yourself at a point of time but the company comes first, remember play for the name on the front and the name on the back would be rising.

5. Work efficiency: you may be having a good amount of skill and you may be exceptional at functioning a task yet in the real world time is equal to money. So in order to save time and function more one must learn to multi task. Even though if the skill is a bit slow at first one must develop that skill.

For more departmental skills to show during an interview and more additional skill stay tuned for part II .


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