Ultimate Tips for Interviews : Part 2

Author: Prashant Bhatt

“ One step, one punch, one round at a time”

-Rocky Balboa

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In this part 2, we are covering interview tips for production & manufacture and administration departments.

Production and manufacture :

In a company the products sold by the marketing and sales department has to be made by someone. The production and manufacturing department is one of the core departments of a firm. Hence it is essentially important for it to function efficiently. Hence the skill set required for this field is very precise.

1. Teamwork : Since the evolution of the industries during the handloom era through the industrial revolution, through the modernization, the digitization and all the way up to the automation in the industry team work is one of the most important aspect of the field as you work with people in order to achieve the goals and deadlines. This is one of the most important soft skill as well.

2. Multitasking : This skill is an important part of a production employee. As one goes up the ladder In the department, one has to know the functions of all the department over all of the production floor and the field as well. And not only because of the factor that one has to go up the ladder. But in order to develop oneself it is extremely necessary to learn this skill.

3. Problem solving : This skill is an important aspect one should have as it is the basic aspect of functioning day to day task. But it is not the daily problems that challenge you but the extraordinary situations that create good production efficiency. It not only creates a personality but also boosts your confidence.

4. Leadership : In order to create a good product a production area requires a good team and in order to run a good team it must have a good leader. In order to become a good leader and give commands one must learn to take commands.

5. Skill and knowledge of the area of expertise : This is the most important skill that one should have as It is necessary for the function. Yet one must have a learning and listening attitude in order to move forward.

Administration :

Paperwork, legal work, communicating with the others and pr. Are a function of the administration department. There are various skills that they should have as this department may not seem as much but it is almost as important as a neuron to muscle.

1. Computer applications : As the industry has developed through the years and it has digitalized itself. The paperwork has also been digitalized. Hence it is important to learn the necessary computer applications. Yet certain amount of knowledge of the paperwork should be known as it is required every now and then.

2. Documentation : In a proper firm documentation of every task, sales, production and complaint etc.. should be recorded in order to have a record of everything as it helps in affairs related to legalities, government investigations, insurance claims etc.

3. Organizational skills : As a firm functions with the departments in all areas it is important to create portfolios and organize them as it helps in functioning easily. And the more the administration is organized the more smoothly the firm runs.

4. Management skills : This is a highly required skill as when you go up the posts you need to manage the people working under you. It is also important as it may help you to function more easily.

5. Creativity : In order to make the work environment much more fun and interesting use a bit creativity.

For more departmental skills to show during an interview and to learn more about soft skills stay tuned for part III.


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