Video games are positive too!!!

Author by Prashant Bhatt

What is a video game?

A game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a monitor or any other form of electronic display. It is not only just a game but a way of life a source of philosophy and a stress reliever. It creates a sense of creativity and helps us release stress hormones. Video games were invented by around 1947 and the first game was called Pong. It was a simple game where there was a two player options and it was a game like tennis. This game was played on a t.v. with controllers, then came one of the most revolutionary games of all time the Pac-man. This game created a riot amongst the game connoisseurs as it was just a game where people move a ball around a maze in order to win. It was such hit game that there were tournaments organized, then came along donkey kong, tetris,

galaga so on and so forth yet these games were played on a machine that was quite big and were costly and required a lot of space. Then came along television sets that were almost a revolution in itself, the video game companies then took an opportunity of this wide market by working o a product called as a video game console. It caused a revolution amongst people from all age groups. Through various years of development and creation the gaming world improved. Companies like attari and Nintendo boomed. They came up with consoles of their own and created games that we all remember playing during our childhood, games like super Mario, contra, road rash etc. also with development of computers the gaming world got a new field of development. Games like road rash, virtual cop, pinball, solitaire, counterstrike etc came into picture. With development of the electronicals the development of games also took place.

The technology also improved and the graphic systems also increased. With the technology compacting products like game boy came into picture which was a mini console or a palmtop it was a device that consisted of five buttons and three slots, one for charging, one for a cable prt for a cord called as a link and the last one for the gaming cartridge. Then later on companies like sony launched a console called the play station that used a CD for running the games, and so on and so forth there are various companies with various technologies that offer various packages that offered various products. Now with the advancements we have wireless remote controllers and motion sensing games too.

Video games are a virtual world where one stimulates themselves they put themselves as a character that can never die and even if it does it will just re-spawn and the game will start where it has ended. It will help in one gaining some responsibility and a sense of belongingness, it also helps in helping in a sense of achievement. As we know there are various genres of games like action, mythology, warfare, role play, first person games and third person games, super heroes and many more.

No matter the type or the style of the game all the games require a high amount of hand-eye coordination and constant planning and also use of both the hands. This not only improves the fine motor skill but also improves the gross motor skill and also makes one more alert and a planning mentality which is extremely useful. With a development in games that can be played by motion are also a huge help to the medical world. As we know if a person has suffered through an accident, after the body has healed one has to go through physiotherapy in order to obtain proper muscle tone and regular movement. These sessions can comprise of a certain exercise that can be monotonous at times, hence game developers have developed games where a certain motion is required to play and these also help in the desired movements.

Video games are also considered as one of the best stress relievers of the digital world as thy require a certain amount of cognitive thinking and also help in diverting the attention. Also accomplishing in the games help in a feeling of achievement that helps release endorphins, it also stimulates release of dopamine. At times psychologists recommend them too. They not only help medically but also help in other ways. It also helps us brush up history and languages. It is quite observed that people who play games that have a different language or are based on a certain mythology help in developing such a skill they also help in creating a learning and listening attitude as at times it is important to create strategies on what you listen to.

Hence in conclusion videogames may have a bad effect like any substance if abused but in a moderate dose it is extremely helpful.


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