What type of music provides the ideal working environment?


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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Music can be defined as a vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. As we know music is a primitive requirement for the living beings that helps us function, relax and socialize. It is a tool that has helped in uniting people together. There are various genres of music. The most commonly known and listened to are acoustic, house music, metal(rock), blues, melodies and instrumental music. In the medieval age of the world where the nations were divided into kingdoms and run by kings, tyrants and monarchs the kingdoms were controlled by three things i.e. farming, business and soldiers. Farming as we know even today is a laborious task, yet the farmers do it by singing songs they have been singing songs that were sung in the medieval days and some new have been composed. War as we know is a major component that has shaped up the modern society. The parades and the marching drills that we see these days are the methods to control the people, to help them form discipline and order. War drums were used during battles in order to motivate the soldiers. War beats are a combination of trumpets, drums and bugles that are played in order to increase the productivity.

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In the modern industrial age there were the people that ran the machines and the factories, in fact it was the people who ran the industries. This era gave us the idea of the working people, the general populace or as we call it the middle class. People used to sing songs that were usually related to the production. As we know majority of the factories had an assembly line which had employees functioning, there were no specific departments hence people singing song were a source of harmony and this in turn sped up the production and increased the harmony among the workers and this in fact increased the efficiency of the factory. In the current era, majority of the jobs have become quite less laborious. With such advancements in the technology one person in a chair with a computer can get more work done than a work force combined. Hence this causes a mass difference in the style of working. Yet in order to make an ideal working environment there are certain music genres that help in increasing productivity i.e. classical music, blues, e.d.m. , house music etc.

As we know that the routine of an average person may vary on some points but it remains the same altogether i.e. wake up at a stipulated time, exercise, travel ,work, return and sleep. Yet in order to increase the efficiency per day there can be different types of music that can be listened to for example in the morning during the waking up and the exercise phase one can listen to a fast track that increases the focus and also helps set a positive mindset. During the working hours one can listen to a stable non-vocal track in order to increase the productivity of the function. Also in order to release the daily stress one can listen to soft music of any wind instrument like a flute or a saxophone. In order to increase ones workout efficiency during the exercise session one can listen to a fast beat music that helps in increasing the heart rate.

In case of the younger generation the people that are considered as the future, the students that are functioning on the bases of education can listen to beat music without vocals in order to increase their focus in their day to curricular activities. This will not only help them focus but also improve their concentration and at a certain point their grasping capacity. While driving a vehicle is also an occupation and the whole transport industry is based on such employees. In order to stay sharp a combination of fast and slow music can be a useful combination to stay sharp on the job.

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In conclusion, music aides us to increase the efficiency of a persons day to day life. The most ideal kind of music that one can listen to is a medium paced track with a combination of beats, strings and wind instruments as it comprises of the three elements that can help in increasing the alertness of ones mind and increase the productivity of ones work. Yet genres like metal, rock and edm have been in the trend lately in order to increase the productivity. Yet instrumental music is still a popular source of motivation. Gyms for example play genres like metal and rock (up-beat music), these types are usually motivating tracks that help in increasing the workout regime.


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