This is 3 hours online training program specially covering all aspects of patenting. This course will be more suitable to any graduate or a person who is willing to get information about what is patent and how to draft it. Even regulations pertaining to patents are also covered.

This course is suitable for BSc Chemistry / MSc Chemistry / PhD Chemistry / Post Doc / BPharm / BSc / MPharm PhD/ MSc/ BTech or MTech Students and professionals who want to acquire knowledge of patents.

    ABC of Patents: e-Certificate Course on Patents

    ₹3,200.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,180.00Sale Price
      1. Intellectual Property and its features, types of IP
      2. Patents and its features
      3. TRIPs, flexibilities in TRIPS and its relation with patents, flexibilities in TRIPs
      4. Criteria of patentability
      5. Territoriality and exhaustion of patents
      6. Things generally not patentable in the world
      7. Indian patent act and its amendments
      8. Things not patentable in India
      9. Indian patent act and the generuc Pharma industry
      10. Section 3d and Pharma
      11. Compulsory licencing
      12. Software and Business Methods
      13. Parts of a patent, patent drafting
      14. Patent filing in India
      15. PCT

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