This is 3 hours online training program specially covering how a chemist should be oriented towards lab to scale up or kilo lab.

This course is suitable for BSc Chemistry / MSc Chemistry / PhD Chemistry / Post Doc / BPharm / BSc  / MPharm / MSc Students and professionals who want to acquire knowledge of lab to scale up. 

    Organic Synthesis: Lab to Scale Up

      1. Introduction
      2. Need for fore sighting the challenges of scale-up organic synthesis
      3. Factors to fore sight for lab scale to kilo scale. (This series will focus on the issues related to laboratory only)
      4. Physical parameters (e.g. Stirring effect, Reactants phases, homogeneity of reaction mixture, catalyst phases etc.)
      5. Thermodynamic aspects (Enthalpy of reaction, heat exchange and predicting possibility of run-away reaction, measures to take under such conditions)
      6. Safety of the reaction (human safety, environmental safety, product safety)
      7. Case Study 1 (Guided study of chemical scale up challenge and questionnaires)
      8. Case Study 2 (Problem based study of chemical challenge, student will be asked to have a written approach and then at the end the solution for the same will be provided by the instructor)
      9. Examination* based on MCQ and theoretical modeling of scale-up challenge with systematic approach.



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